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Back in 2015 Dr Maryam Borumand, a renowned beauty practitioner at YouGlo based in Harley Street in London, has tried Amana products on herself and her clients. She has noticed significant improvements in the skin texture of the clinic’s patients.

YouGlo started successfully sourcing and distributing Amana products, which was met with great appreciation by the clinic’s patients and customers.

Patients who have undergone cosmetic procedures such as botox and filler injections were able to use Amana products as post-procedure after care. Customers with skin imperfections such as eczema and acne have noted a dramatic improvement in their skin conditions, having used Amana products for at least two months.

It is the Amana cream’s outstanding quality and the absence of harmful, irritating chemicals and petroleum products, that are behind the success of Amana amongst  the renowned London clinic’s patients.

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