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Amana Skincare range is all about natural, organic and ethical that is also effective, innovative, and feels wonderful on the skin.

As a proud founder and owner of Amana Skincare, I believe every woman deserves organic, highest quality, freshly made and beautifully scented skin products.

Beauty starts with perfect skin, and our skin loves being pampered with highest quality skincare products.

Amana was founded in 2013, however I have been experimenting with natural, organic products’ formulations since 2008. When travelling in the Amazon jungle across Brazil and Peru in 2008, I saw women aged 50+ who had over 10 children, who had beautiful and glowing skin. I got inspired! I started researching natural oils, which are one of the main ingredients in Amana products until this day.

In the jungle rain is a blessing. It is refreshing and brings about life and food.

I asked a tupi indigenous Indian lady ‘how do you say ‘rain’ in your local dialect?’* (*with a translator). The lady said ‘amana’.

I fell in love with the word ‘Amana’ initially, and have decided that one day I will call my beauty company Amana.

Our Motto:

If it’s safe for a baby to consume, you can be sure it’s safe for your skin!

Why did I create Amana?

I was always interested in skincare, but was struggling to find a perfect cream. Even rather expensive products (yes, I was hardly frugal when it came to skin creams!) didn’t seem to moisturise my skin in a way that would last for hours. The products I came across were petroleum based, which meant they would create a water barrier on my skin temporarily, but in the long run, they would dehydrate and damage my skin and clog my pores, which sometime resulted in breakouts.

Also the products I came across often contained a plethora of harmful ingredients, like preservatives, aggressive chemical emulsifiers, artificial colorants and fragrance. I did not want to put all those chemicals on my skin, as I knew it was not good for my overall health in the long run.

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Then I started experimenting with natural organic skincare. This, although costly, was a lot better and I could feel my skin gradually improving.  However, organic natural creams made my face so shiny and oily. I tried to tell myself that meant that the cream was working!

Also, natural, herbal creams, although pretty natural in themselves, they often contained a high concentration of harmful preservatives, to last two years or longer.

And the sourcing the ingredients for natural skincare was not always ethical. It hurt my heart to learn that a magical rain forest had to be cut down to grow produce to be used in organic skincare. And farmers were often exploited and not paid fair prices for their cocoa beans, argan nuts or jojoba beans… at that point I started experimenting with natural skin creams, initially for myself, and years later I came up with a formulation that is:

  • natural, predominately organic and fair-trade and ethically sourced;
  • freshly made to order, with a short, essential expiry date;
  • makes my skin beautifully moisturised for hours without the shine;
  • effective at anti-ageing, skin rebalancing and sun protection;
  • 100% vegan and animal cruelty-free;
  • feels smooth and fantastic on the skin, without petroleum-based silicones, and
  • smells divine!

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