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Dr. M. Borumand

I have used the stem cell, anti-oxidant and collagen creams on my patients in my Harley Street clinic for years. I am very pleased with Amana products. The quality is amazing, the anti-ageing results are visible in my patients pretty soon. Especially the acne-patients report significant improvement in their skin texture. Blemishes and enlarged pores seem to have diminished for them and they liked the texture of the creams.

Overall, those are high calibre products which are also natural and soothing for the skin after cosmetic procedures. I like the fact that my patients can obtain free skin consultation on the type of skincare best for them. These people at Amana have done their research on every single ingredient and they really know what they are talking about when it comes to skincare, and it is very reassuring for my patients.

Cathrine J.

My skin is very sensitive and dry, and I tried to find a product that will not irritate my skin, and also be totally vegan. I found pure organic cream recommended by a friend and my skin really loves it. Redness from my cheeks and nose has diminished, although it has not disappeared completely. Another point worth noting is that the cream does not make my skin shine like most natural creams so, it is absorbed by the skin.

J.A. McCullagh

I have tried the stem cell cream which apparently is the bestseller at Amana, as it was recommended by a friend. I have only used it for a week, and I must say it is very moisturising, without the shine, as they say on the website. My skin looks healthy and just nice. I have not noticed any anti-ageing effects as yet, but the product is very nice to use, smells lovely!

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