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Contains: stem cells, aloe vera gel, hyaluronic acid

Powerful, intense anti-ageing skin repair boost for normal, dry, sun-damaged and tired skin. Botanical stem cells reverse the effects of sun damage and protect your skin’s stem cells by neutralising free radicals. With SPF.

Stem cells’ extracts from specially cultivated apples convert into human skin stem cells which stimulates skin regeneration. This intense cell rejuvenation results in a healthy, beautiful skin glow and radiance.

  • Scent: summer fruit, fresh and radiant
  • Skin type:  dull, sun-damaged, affected by air-conditioning and environmental pollution, dehydrated, distressed
  • SPF free version: available on request
  • Expiry date:  6 months from the production date

Powerful, revitalising anti-ageing skin repair boost for normal, dry, sun-damaged and tired skin.


Amana Stem Cell Boost Cream is an anti-ageing product, based on the latest scientific research in plant stem cells. It boosts your skin’s  natural  cell regeneration, and visibly revitalises the complexion.

Botanical stem cells reverse the effects of skin damage by enhancing your skin’s rejuvenation. They also protect your skin’s natural stem cells by neutralising free radicals.

How do Stem Cells work?

All living organisms, plants, animals and, well.. humans, have stem cells. They are responsible for  tissue and organ renewal.  Stem cells in our skin aid cellular regeneration, and ultimately enhance the capacity to repair skin aging, such as photo-ageing caused by sun exposure.

Amana Stem Cell Boost Cream contains a high concentration of apple stem cell extracts. They have been derived from living apple stem cells and added to Amana products.  They have an incredible ability to develop into different kinds of cells, including human skin cells. This may significantly aid our skin’s ability to regenerate and repair damaged cells, which in turn may trigger anti-ageing.

Where do Stem Cells come from?

Apple stem cells’ extracts in Amana beauty products come from apples cultivated in a controlled environment, without any contaminants. Only this special cultivation process, and a unique cell extraction technology, ensure that only healthy and potent cells are being extracted for Amana products.

How are Stem Cells anti-ageing?

Stem cells’ extracts have a unique ability to jump-start the body’s own stem cells production, such as stem cells in human skin. They also protect the skin against environmental pollution.  Some research suggests that stem cells also promote the production of natural collagen, the skin’s plumping protein.

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